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Cover Picture of The House at Ladywell

The House at Ladywell is on a roll – winning awards!

It's the Book of the Month on the Discovering Diamonds website. This means it’s shortlisted for Book of the Year!

It's also shortlisted for the Chatelaine Award (historical and romantic fiction) – a US competition on a grand scale! …

… and as Book Cover of the Month at Vintage Treasures.

Cover Picture of The Convalescent Corpse

The Convalescent Corpse, my next novel to be published, is a story of Family, Rationing and Inconvenient Corpses.

The publication date is 20th November 2018 and in Kindle format is available now to pre-order from Amazon.co.uk.

Life in 1918 has brought loss and grief and hardship to the three Fyttleton sisters. Helped only by their grandmother (a failed society belle and expert poacher) and hindered by a difficult suffragette mother, as well as an unruly chicken-stealing dog and a house full of paying-guests, they now have to deal with the worrying news that their late – and unlamented – father may not be dead after all. And on top of that, there’s a body in the ha-ha.

My very first novel, Scuba Dancing will be republished later this year. Watch this space !

About me

My first novel, Scuba Dancing, (published in 2005), was a romantic comedy but I’ve now turned to crime and am currently working on two separate series.

My Harriet Quigley Mysteries featuring recently-retired headmistress, Harriet Quigley and her clergyman cousin, Canon Sam Hathaway, are contemporary and take place in and around Winchester. With the publication of The Art of Murder (September 2016) there are now three of Harriet’s adventures published. The other two are Murder Fortissimo, and A Crowded Coffin — see my books page for more details.

With the publication of The Dead Queen’s Garden (December 2013) there are now three novels in my historical series "Charlotte Richmond Mysteries" which features a resourceful young Victorian widow who just can’t help stumbling over the occasional corpse. The earlier books in this series are: Murder Most Welcome and Death is the Cure — see my books page for more details.

I wrote children’s stories while my three children were growing up, moving on to adult short stories for several national magazines. Winning a short story competition in FAMILY CIRCLE encouraged me to start writing seriously and since then my stories and articles have been commissioned regularly.

I was brought up in Poole, in Dorset, and since then have lived in various places including Cairo, in Egypt. I now live with my husband near Winchester in Hampshire.

Besides writing I love travelling and have tried my hand as an antiques dealer. I am also an artist; see some of my paintings in my gallery page.

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