Introducing my new blog

The publication of Murder Fortissimo by Harlequin has prompted me to start a blog. The idea is to reach out to a wider readership, hopefully some in North America and other parts of the world, and to offer a taste of what it’s like living just outside Winchester, the ancient capital of England, hence the blog title: “Nicola Slade’s Winchester Mysteries”. The sub-heading is “Histories & Mysteries” which gives me lots of scope for blog–posts! I do hope you’ll join me at my blog.

Latest posts from my Wordpress blog:

The Hares of Ladywell

Entry posted on 28th March 2020

My last blog post was entitled: Licet esse beatis – It is permitted to be joyful. Well, I think we all know that joy is in considerable demand at the moment, so this post tells how the hares came to … read more

“It is permitted to be joyful”

Entry posted on 24th November 2019

Licet esse beatis – It is permitted to be joyful I came across this motto recently – it’s from of one of those ancient families who’ve turned their white elephant of a stately home into a self-supporting asset. It seems … read more

Christmas already?

Entry posted on 2nd November 2019

My tenth book (Wow! that’s TENTH!) Christmas at Ladywell is published on Monday, 4th November as a digital-only e-book. As I wrote it partly in response to lots of ‘what happened next’ comments from readers, I really hope people enjoy … read more

‘Chasing Angels’ by Sally Zigmond

Entry posted on 6th September 2019

I like mountains and always feel healthier when I’m in the Alps but I have to admit that one mountain seems much like another to me. We took the train to the summit of the Jungfrau in 2006 and felt … read more

News, some glad and some sad

Entry posted on 2nd September 2019

My only excuse for the shameful neglect of this blog is that I’ve been very busy!  For several reasons, starting with this: When we came home from the USA in early May, after I’d won the Grand Prize for romantic … read more